Certified Translators

Certified Legal Translators

With global business seemingly moving at the speed of light these days, experienced attorneys and paralegals value the difference that certified legal translators can make. Whether in the U.S. or abroad, buttoned-up professionals know that obtaining fast and accurate legal document translations is no simple matter. Some, in fact, have learned the hard way – moving too fast, contracting the wrong bilingual service, and then being confronted with faulty document claims in court.

Just ask a lawyer who’s suffered this embarrassment. They’ll quickly tell you they now swear by certified legal translators. The common problems seem to fall primarily in these two categories:

  • Many language translators are sufficiently bilingual, but lack the legal experience necessary to ensure a document can withstand the in-court “stress test,” or
  • Some translators lack advanced writing skills in a target language. As a result, the legal professional shows up with a stilted, unnatural-reading court document – one that appears very unprofessional to the target court and lacks credibility.

Either way, the paralegal or attorney for whom a poorly translated legal document is prepared experiences a serious problem.

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When Certified Legal Translators are required for your case

The need to translate a legal document can arise in any number of situations, from the finalization of a large international business deal to the construction of a new production facility on foreign soil. Legal translation services are frequently used for simpler matters too. For example, when multinationals and other companies need contract employees are being relocated from one site to another, say, across national boundaries.

In all of these fairly common business activities, serious litigations and disputes can arise involving a foreign court. In these cases, corporations must heed the local laws – or else. The loss of opportunities and other damages can be quite high. An easy measure of prevention comes in the hiring of certified legal translators to help make case documents air-tight.

In order for a document to be valid under the legal system of a target country, certified legal translators are trained to exercise careful steps in changing a source document’s language. Every country uses different legal terminology, syntax, and document structures, and these professionals know those nuances.

When not meticulously prepared at the skill level of certified legal translators, another linguist unwittingly may create costly vulnerabilities, a range of unforeseen issues, such as:

  • Unexpected delays in completion of a case…
  • Which result in rapidly mounting legal fees, and
  • The loss of important business opportunities.

Inadequately translated written evidence also may be found unacceptable in a foreign court. In worst case scenarios, a judge may even dismiss a legal dispute when documents are presented with seemingly minor language translation issues.

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Why use the services provided by our Certified Legal Translators?

With 40 global clients on all 7 continents speaks, SpanishArena demonstrates a rare understanding of the scrutiny that documents entered in international business cases undergo. We offer the legal community professional translators in every major language – plus over 200 other tongues.

Regardless of language – whether Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Afrikaans, French or beyond – we reinforce knowledge and instincts by also using legal dictionaries, library research, and online databases. In addition, we’re staffed with professional proofreaders and project managers who help ensure flawless execution and exemplary client service at every turn.

That’s just the in-house side of 7 Brand’s operations. We also regularly tap scores of in-country consulting partners; each qualified to deliver native intelligence on matters ranging from patent and intellectual property law to finance and engineering.

Every professional employed by SpanishArena has met a strict set of requirements in order to be considered for a position. All are certified by at least one accredited organization, and must demonstrate exceptional competence when translating legal documents.

With three authoritative sources handling every assignment, SpanishArena has developed a reputation as a reliable legal partner. Ensuring that no case we help handle is lost in document translation is the guarantee that defines SpanishArena’ industry leadership.

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Certified Legal Translator: a key partner in your case

Court files around the world are littered with evidence of cases lost due to poorly translated legal documents. But by hiring a certified legal translator, you can avoid an outcome of this nature. Mistakes in this arena are costly. They often cause unexpected delays, quickly mounting legal fees, and most painfully: the loss of major opportunities.

When a case falls apart due to a seemingly innocuous reason (e.g., a few mistranslated legal terms), it can also damage the attorney’s reputation. This is why most law experts exercise caution when hiring a legal document translator; simply getting someone who’s bilingual doesn’t cut it. There are too many legal nuances across international borders and jurisdictions to translate a language verbatim.

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To be assured the subtle yet essential insights, phrasing, syntax and other potentially case-breaking details are in place, experienced attorneys hire only a certified legal translator. Otherwise, an incorrectly translated written document may not be accepted in a foreign court. And in a worst case scenario, a legal dispute could even be completely dismissed due to something as seemingly minor as a poorly translated legal brief.

As such, it’s crucial to proceed with utmost care when dealing with legal documents requiring language translations; they play such a large role on the global business stage.
SpanishArena: we have the right Certified Legal Translator for your case

Legal Staff

In addition, SpanishArena offers every client the benefit of native attorneys, paralegals and other professionals who play a crucial role in proper translation of your documents. If you need a contract localized for a jurisdiction abroad, SpanishArena is set up to quickly access a legal specialist who knows the letter of the local laws.

We use a unique team method to prepare native-written and legally sound documents. Regardless of the target language needed, every project at SpanishArena is assigned a certified legal translator, a professional proofreader, and a knowledgeable in-house legal advisor.

We’ve also established a network of in-country advisors who provide a third layer of assurance that your documents not only are well translated, but legally proofed. In many cases these are bilingual bankers, attorneys, engineers or even members of the diplomatic community.

With major language teams this credentialed, SpanishArena is rare among legal translation services:  We are procedurally structured and operationally staffed to guarantee clients 100% accuracy. This is why we are able to certify every document we translate for acceptance by any level of government or court in the United States or abroad.

Every professional knows how impeccably detailed every aspect of a business law case must be. At SpanishArena, the linguists handling translation of your legal documents must meet the same high standards as a legal team. We assure every client their unique requirements are met, regardless of target language or business case specifics.

As business diversity continues to grow and thrive around the globe, so does the import of using a certified legal translator. We value an opportunity to show you the difference our team can make, how skillfully our translators analyze, nurture and prepare. That’s because we understand how much is at stake for you and your clients. Maintaining our stellar track record on all 7 continents depends on your success.

Certified Translators

“Certified translators” is a term that can be defined in various ways. A certified translator could be a translator that is having certification from some reputed translator association.
Certified translators can also be those translators who work in legal field and get certified with the local courts in order to provide certified legal translation.

Also translators having international certifications from organizations like ISO, DIN EN or any such other standardization organizations could also be termed as certified translators. In some countries the local courts demand registration of translators to declare them as sworn translator. The sworn translator is same as a certified translator and is accredited to serve clients requiring court document translation.

Certified translators that are registered with Judicial Council or courts in different locations function mainly in the legal translation field. Such certified translators need to have background and knowledge of law from both the countries that is :one to which the source language belongs and second the country of target language.

The certified translators serving the courts in US can present the translated documents by them in the court by just stating that the translation is accurate and complete with their seal on the statement. In some cases the certified translators need to provide an affidavit to get their translation certified. An affidavit is an oath in front of an authorized government official or notary with a written declaration saying that the translated document is accurate and complete as compared to the source document.

In fields like technical and business translation the clients generally expect certified translators with the certification from organizations like ISO or DIN EN. This is so because such certified translators have gone through various processes to get the certification and this induces professional practices that are required to complete the translation projects with optimum competency.

There are several associations like the American translation association or others alike that provide certifications to the translators in language pairs. Such certified translators
have a better edge of winning translation projects as it is one of the sought after requirements of clients looking for business or advertising translation.

The globalization of businesses in the modern world has blown the translation industry to a multi million-dollar size and in return has increased the demand of various types of certified translators. Hence translators globally today should study the potential of various types of translation fields along with locations and get respective certifications as demanded by the field of translation considering location of business.

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